Our mission is to help build the Nat’l Wounded Warrior Center where wounded warriors and their families can stay while they are participating in the sports and education programs that will enable them to successfully return to civilian life.

Lloyd Mokler was a man with integrity and great faith in God. He was honest, humble and trustworthy.
As a boy, he was the original Tom Sawyer.
As a man, he was husband, father, grandfather, Patriot, pilot, cowboy, Lion, Rotarian, businessman and a friend.
He was also, a wounded warrior and a Prisoner of War in WWII.
He served on the Mammoth Lakes Hospital Board and helped fund the building of Cerro Coso College, where the Nat’l Wounded Warriors Center is to be built.
He was a loving man who gave his wife flowers on every 17th of every month for over 60 years.
He was a hero and a champion. It’s an honor and a privilege to be his representative in this endeavor.

cowboy lloyd

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– Jerry Mokler – Wounded Warrior Lloyd Mokler Family Foundation