1 Apr


Thank you to everyone!

Dian Anderson, American Properties, Don and Dorothy Bendetti, Bob Bendetti, Bendetti Company, John and Marty Banks, Gail and Betty Frampton, Berte Fischer, Fernwood Mobile Home Park, Steve Gates, Garfield Pacific development Company, Sherry Gentry, Tom and Peggy Hayward, John and Cynthia Heinz, Sage and Tamara Heinz, Judy Hollingshead, Mary Ingrassia, Richie and Gail King, Lincoln Center, Sally Lang, Dick and Mary Mastain, Newport Terrace Mobile Home Park, Ed and Barbara Pearson, Stewart and MaryAnn Park, Pacific Industrial Company, Joanne Schoeman, Gary Shoeman, Dan and Jerry Tyler, Gary and Janet VanDiest, Lloyd Welch, Richard and Alice Zamboni, Alice Zamboni, Mokler I Trust, Kaiden Mokler, Jack Mokler, Emery Mokler, Julia Mokler Banks, Jim and Stephanie Mokler, Marty Mokler Banks, Pete Mokler, Scott Mokler, Jim Mokler, Greg Mokler, Mike Mokler, Jim and Marilyn Johnston,Gill Grill, Chuck and Arlene Lowery, Frank and Kathy Zamboni, Russ and Jill  Neuman, Barbara and Harold Borak, Pat Ommert, Jorgen and June Kjaempe, jay and Diane Sweeney, French Thompson, George and Katie MHanna, Joanne and Al Stensby, Trent Tyler, Dorothy Bendetti, judy Schulenberg, Joan Propst, Sherry Gentry, Mary Ingrassia, Marty Mokler, Linda Low,  Jim and Steph Mokler, Lester and Marcia Rubenstein, Jeff and Mary Ann Russell, Dan and Jerry Tyler, Gloria and Dave Spencer, Scott and Renee Clover, joe and June Russell, Kevin and MaryLu Lovett, Ben and Cecilia Anderson, Suzanne Baracchini, Chuck Schneidmuller, John and Cynthia Heinz, Jorge and Socorro Hurtado, Jeanne Brazil, Dean and Johnnie Nelson, Joe and Lucy Overgaag, Georgia Scott, Marcia Johnson, Betty Davidson, Barbara and Ed Pearson, Joan Lund, Nancy and Gary Cramer, Penny and Ken Coley, Stu and Sherry Parr, Scotty and Denise McGregor, Dian Anderson, Cheryl and Barry Robinson, lady Niners, Richie and Gail King, Pearl Hoyt, Peggy and Tom Hayward, Skip and Nancy Burke, Bill and Dolores Lackey, Shannon Bowen, Sally Lang, Alicia Anderson, Reed and Michelle Mokler, Jeff and Irma Gain, Greg and Janet Kerrigan Mokler, Chad Mokler, John Eastland, Renee Fontaine, Lea Gregor, Diane Lenarth, Tim and Debbie Ditomaso, Derrick and Kim, Tom and Jennine, Linda Mokler, George a and Lois Tanner, David and Lisa Young, Gary and Janet VanDiest, Margaret and Michael Mueller, Pam Heredia, Janet Bauer, Brian and Mary Mokler, Jack and Dorothea Jung, Lynne and Ray Simpson, Terry Raynor, Michael and Judy Bornfeld, Marlene Heinzlmer, Elsbeth Wittler, Bob and Phyllis, Myra Kincaide, Liz Fleming, Bob Colt,

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